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19 July 2010

Revised Prices!

Attractive prices just for you!

Take a look at our Yukata page again as we have revised the prices for our yukata sets!

After much negotiation with our suppliers, we managed to discuss for a lower price for the benefit of our customers and that you may enjoy Natsu Matsuri cost-effectively!

The new prices will apply to those who have already ordered with us so fret not~

Get your yukata here today!

18 July 2010


JFS is bringing another wave of popular items to you!

We've just received our instocks not long ago and this time round, we have brought in USAGI EARS!

Have you seen them yet? They are all over Vivi, Popteen & Popsister.

Singapore has just been hit by the fever too so hurry and get yours now!

We have more designs than those commonly found in Singapore! Denim, floral, hearts, polka and even cherries!

As we only have 1 instock for each design, do not hesitate to order them if they catches your eyes or it might be gone in an instant!

Besides that, we've also brought in braid bands so do take a look as they are really good for both casual and dress up days!

Click here to start decorating yourselves with our accessories!

17 July 2010

Yukata Spree #3

Yukata Spree #3 is open now!

Get your yukatas in time for Natsu Matsuri this year!

If you have ordered 3 or more cosmetics from Cosmetics #1, you are entitled to a 10% of 1 yukata set!
If you order 2 yukata sets, handling fee will only be $5!
If you order 3 or more yukata sets, handling fee will only be $10 in total!

Prices shown are inclusive of international shipping to Singapore!

Do look out for our special yukata sets which are featuring yukatas as seen on famous models from Japanese magazines like Ageha!

The yukatas are selling out fast so do make your orders and payment quick!

Spree closes on 25 July 2010, 2359. All payments are to be in by then.

Click here to start viewing the yukatas!

Get ready for summer now!

14 July 2010

Cosmetics Extension!

2 Newsflash for all!

News 1: We'll be extending our dateline for our Cosmetics #1 till 21 July 2010, 11.59pm as we are still receiving orders and emails regarding it. We are having this extension as we know that not all customers have look through our recent additional products that we have just updated!

So here's a chance for you gals out there to get them! Most of the new additional products have yet to be seen in Singapore!

Don't hesitate to get yours now!
Cosmetic Pre-order Page

News 2: We will be opening our Yukata Spree #3 featuring yukatas from 2010 Japanese Fashion magazines!

Look out for yukatas that Ageha models had been seen wearing and also, this is the perfect time to get your yukata for the upcoming Natsu Matsuri in August!

Hype and get ready for the Natsu Matsuri season now!

04 July 2010

More Cosmetics coming your way!

Hi Everyone!

We're bringing in another hot brand in Japan for our spree which is Palty!

Besides Palty, we also have Sana and Kiss Me products so do take a look. Some of our specials are the eyebrow concealer which helps you get a lighter colour for your brows without dyeing it!

So there will definitely be no worries of having mismatch colours when you dye your hair!

So do take a look over at our cosmetics page!~

Here's a sneak peek for you!

Slots Status: 9/40!