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Yukata Spree #3 - Closed

Please refer to Updates page for Pre-order status.

If you have ordered 3 or more cosmetics from Cosmetics #1, you are entitled to a 10% of 1 yukata set!
If you order 2 yukata sets, handling fee will only be $5!
If you order 3 or more yukata sets, handling fee will only be $10 in total!

Prices shown are inclusive of international shipping to Singapore!

Items will arrive in 3 to 4 weeks time. It will be in time for Natsu Matsuri!

If you're interested, do use the Order Form and email us your orders with subject titled "Yukata #3 - Your Name".
For any enquires, do email us too!

Do look out for our special yukata sets which are featuring yukatas as seen on famous models from Japanese magazines like Ageha!

Please note that all sets are 3 piece sets which include Yukata + Obi + Geita.

With any set purchased:
Bag – additional $10
Obi Ita (Obi Board in light violet) – additional $15
Yukata String – additional $5 for 2 pieces
Goldfish Obi (various colors available) – additional $15
Colours Available: Red, Yellow, White, Violet, Black, Dark Pink

If you would like to change the Obi, it will be charged additional $10 or more depending on design.
You will be allowed to choose your Obi design from pre-tied or traditional.

Example of Goldfish Obi

Yukata Only

1. Pink Based with Red Goldfish

Price: $75

2. Black Based Big Sakura

Price: $75

3. Purplish Beige Roses

Price: $75

4.Black Based Pink Roses


5. Black Based Purple Pink Flowers

Price: $70

6. Black Based Roses Outline

Price: $65

7. Light Purple Butterfly

Price: $75

8.Black Based Purple Pink Roses

Price: $75

9. Black Based Purple Flowers

Price: $75

10. Black Based Pink Flowers Lines

Price: $75

11. Ruffled Red Fireworks

Price: $55

12. Ruffled Pink Goldfish

Price: $55

Yukata Sets

1. Black White Roses Set

Price: $120

2. Black *Kira* Set

Price: $130

3. Polka Dot Set

Price: $125

4. Cutie Blue-Pink Ribbon Set
Price: $125

5. Blue Flower Style Special Set - Scrunchy included!

Price: $135

6. Black White Floral Special Set - Scrunchy included!

Price: $140

7. Black Sakura Special Set - Scrunchy included!

Price: $145

8. Black Pink Roses Special Set - Scrunchy included!

Price: $130

9. White Red Flowers Special Set - Scrunchy included!

Price: $135

10. Purple Black Flowers Special Set - Scrunchy included!

Price: $145

11. Blackish Purple Special Set - Scrunchy included!

Price: $135

12. White Pinkish Roses Special Set
Price: $145