Hi everyone!

Thank you for your support all this time.

We've officially moved to Popu-Store.

Please head over there to continue your shopping!
Thank you so much!

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Japanese Fashion Street - JoXianna & Tsuriki.

05 October 2010

Moving out sales!


Hi everyone! As we're shifting out to Popu-Store, we're giving everyone a 10% discount for all instock fashion apparel and accessories!

If you buy 3 or more items, we'll give you free normal local postage, too!

Grab your items now!

03 October 2010

We're shifting!

Hi everyone! JFS has shifted to a new domain where Tsuriki will continue to serve all of you!

No worries for those who ordered items from our sprees.
We will continue to serve everyone till our sprees are fully closed.

01 September 2010

Cosmetics #2

Hi Everyone!

Summer is coming to an end soon and we hope you have enjoyed all the items that we've brought to you!

And now, we're going to bring you all more cosmetics loves that we found and is also featured in Japanese fashion magazines!

Ranging from hairdye to lip gloss, we have over 90 items for you to choose and beautify yourself out!

So why wait while you can spend this time shopping?!

Head over here to start selecting your beauty tools!

30 August 2010


Hi everyone!

We'll be opening our next cosmetics preorder this Wednesday, 1 September 2010.

We'll be bringing brands like Melliesh, Candy Doll, Bibo and more!
That will also be lashes from Melliesh and Diamond Lash and also nail polish from Dolly Wink!

This time we're not only bringing in cosmetics but also hair dye from Palty and Beautylabo!

Meanwhile, we've updated our instock and accessories page.

We look forward to serving you!

06 August 2010

Fashion Wear #3 Opens Now!


And with this season, JFS is going to bring you affordable apparels that can not only help you fight against the heat and also make you look good~!

We have more shorts and cooling tops that can help you prepare yourself for summer!

Despite being summer now, we know that many places are fully air-conditioned so we have also brought in more outer tops like you have requested so as to warm yourself if the need arrives.

For this spree, we have organized the the apparels into categories and you can see that we have brought in more outer tops and bottoms just like you gals have requested!

For this summer spree, JFS will be specially holding a promotion just for you gals! So make sure you don't miss out on this!

flat handling fee for 5 pieces or more in 1 single order!

That's right! Do go on over and start shopping! Prepare for Summer now!

We hope you enjoy shopping with us and do let us know what types of apparels or goodies you wish to see here!

P.S. We had a hard time choosing which apparels we wanted for ourselves when shortlisting the clothes. =p

19 July 2010

Revised Prices!

Attractive prices just for you!

Take a look at our Yukata page again as we have revised the prices for our yukata sets!

After much negotiation with our suppliers, we managed to discuss for a lower price for the benefit of our customers and that you may enjoy Natsu Matsuri cost-effectively!

The new prices will apply to those who have already ordered with us so fret not~

Get your yukata here today!

18 July 2010


JFS is bringing another wave of popular items to you!

We've just received our instocks not long ago and this time round, we have brought in USAGI EARS!

Have you seen them yet? They are all over Vivi, Popteen & Popsister.

Singapore has just been hit by the fever too so hurry and get yours now!

We have more designs than those commonly found in Singapore! Denim, floral, hearts, polka and even cherries!

As we only have 1 instock for each design, do not hesitate to order them if they catches your eyes or it might be gone in an instant!

Besides that, we've also brought in braid bands so do take a look as they are really good for both casual and dress up days!

Click here to start decorating yourselves with our accessories!

17 July 2010

Yukata Spree #3

Yukata Spree #3 is open now!

Get your yukatas in time for Natsu Matsuri this year!

If you have ordered 3 or more cosmetics from Cosmetics #1, you are entitled to a 10% of 1 yukata set!
If you order 2 yukata sets, handling fee will only be $5!
If you order 3 or more yukata sets, handling fee will only be $10 in total!

Prices shown are inclusive of international shipping to Singapore!

Do look out for our special yukata sets which are featuring yukatas as seen on famous models from Japanese magazines like Ageha!

The yukatas are selling out fast so do make your orders and payment quick!

Spree closes on 25 July 2010, 2359. All payments are to be in by then.

Click here to start viewing the yukatas!

Get ready for summer now!

14 July 2010

Cosmetics Extension!

2 Newsflash for all!

News 1: We'll be extending our dateline for our Cosmetics #1 till 21 July 2010, 11.59pm as we are still receiving orders and emails regarding it. We are having this extension as we know that not all customers have look through our recent additional products that we have just updated!

So here's a chance for you gals out there to get them! Most of the new additional products have yet to be seen in Singapore!

Don't hesitate to get yours now!
Cosmetic Pre-order Page

News 2: We will be opening our Yukata Spree #3 featuring yukatas from 2010 Japanese Fashion magazines!

Look out for yukatas that Ageha models had been seen wearing and also, this is the perfect time to get your yukata for the upcoming Natsu Matsuri in August!

Hype and get ready for the Natsu Matsuri season now!

04 July 2010

More Cosmetics coming your way!

Hi Everyone!

We're bringing in another hot brand in Japan for our spree which is Palty!

Besides Palty, we also have Sana and Kiss Me products so do take a look. Some of our specials are the eyebrow concealer which helps you get a lighter colour for your brows without dyeing it!

So there will definitely be no worries of having mismatch colours when you dye your hair!

So do take a look over at our cosmetics page!~

Here's a sneak peek for you!

Slots Status: 9/40!

25 June 2010

Beauty Special!


Have you seen the latest Koji lip gloss that is being featured on Popsister's July edition?

Interested in getting it? Wait no more!
Because we are bringing it in along with our Melliesh & DollyWink spree!

Koji Lip Gloss is now priced at $24
Order more than 3 items from this pre-order and get your Koji Lip Gloss for just $22! (Save $2!)

So hurry and send us your order as there are only 40 slots available~!
Slots Update: 4/40.

Items will arrive in 2 - 3 weeks after the closure of the spree!

Hurry! Click here to Cosmetics Page and start shopping now!

23 June 2010

Melliesh & Dolly Wink Galore~

Another wave of the hottest cosmetic brands in Japan coming your way!

The spree that everyone has been waiting for!

Dolly Wink!


There will be only be 40 order slots so send us your order quickly!

The spree will close once we hit 40 orders and items will arrive in just 2 - 3 weeks after that!

Don't miss this chance to get these lovely cosmetics now!

Head over to our Cosmetics page now!

20 June 2010

Sprees Update!

Hi everyone!

Due to the great response for the backorders, we will be ending it at 10am tomorrow and all payments are to be in by 12pm tomorrow too!

Our Fashion Wear Spree #2 has ended and thank you for your support in it~

For those who are still considering about the CandyDoll cosmetics, don't wait too long as slots are almost filled up so hurry and send us your order before its too late!

Do keep a lookout for another cosmetic spree coming up real soon this week!

Thanks again for your support!!

17 June 2010

Fashion Apparels #1 - Backorders!

We're accepting backorders for our Fashion Apparels #1 now~!

Only a few apparels will be in this backorder due to the response we have been receiving. If you wish to see more items, please let us know which ones and we will try our best to add it in!

Click here for our backorders

Thank you!

16 June 2010

Limited CandyDoll Spree!

The rage has hit us!

Our CandyDoll spree has opened!

Slots are limited to the 1st 20 customers and it is on a first come first serve basis. Slots will only be reserved up to 24 hours after we have sent you an confirmation email.

Don't miss this chance to get the hottest cosmetic products now!

What are you waiting for? Go over to our Cosmetics page and start shopping!

Just a note to all too! Our other cosmetics spree will be opening soon, after the CandyDoll Exclusive Spree!

15 June 2010


We have heard your voice!

That's right! We will be having backorders for our Fashion Wear #1 as there are many who have been emailing to ask for it. Not all items will be up for our backorders but you can be sure that popular items like Floral Pullover, Lace Romper and Double Ribbon Tied Vivi Dress will be in! However stocks are limited so do email us once we have put up the page for it to ensure your item.

Do check back on our site or follow us on twitter for it and also our cosmetics spree which is coming up real soon!

Thank you!

14 June 2010

New Apparels for Fashion Wear #2!


We have added another new denim jumper to our Fashion Wear Spree #2!

This addition is due to items that has just went OOS over at our supplier side and as usual, we wish to have as many variety for our customers to select their clothes from so we've added the Denim Ribbon Jumper just for you!

For all who has emailed regarding the pending/OOS items at our instocks page, thank you for your interest for shopping with us. If you wish to have an OOS/ pending item and would like us to have backorders for it, please leave us an comment on which of the items you would like to see in the backorder. This way, we will get to know what you want!

Another update for all. Do keep a close look at our website as we will be starting our cosmetics and yukata spree soon!

Thanks for the support!

12 June 2010

Japanese Fashion Apparels 2!

Hi Everyone!

Our new fashion wear spree is up so do hop over to take a look.

Please remember to use the order form that is on the site too as it will help us process your orders quickly.

This will be a quick spree and it will only be open for a week so don't wait and start typing down your orders now!

This spree will close on next Saturday, 19 June, 11.59pm!

Look out for the latest fashion apparels that are found in famous Japanese magazines like Vivi and PopTeen / PopSister!

Have fun shopping!

10 June 2010

Sneak Preview of Fashion Wear #2!

Have you gotten hold of the latest Vivi & Popteen issue?

Are you eyeing at the clothes that models like Lena are wearing?

If you have, stay tune for our Fashion Wear #2 Spree that will be opening at this Saturday. 12.00pm on 12 June!

The spree will only last for a week so as to make sure the items reach us soon and of course to you too!

More details will be up this Saturday. But of course, here's a sneak preview of what we will be bringing in!

Sailor Suit

Denim Jumper

Denim Corset Floral Dress

We will have more variety than the previous spree as we have cute tees and also jumpers! So stay tune to us!


Hey! We hope that JFS' customers are enjoying their apparels now and it was great being able to meet-up with some of you gals!

And for the long awaited news:
We've updated our instocks page so do hop over and take a look now!

Many thanks to all who have shown interest in the apparels by emailing us. Just a note to all our customers: We will not be revealing what instocks we will be bringing in so as to be fair to all and instocks are on a first-come-first-serve basis so why wait? Copy the order form and email us now~

Do hurry as the stocks we have brought in this time round are limited and we might not be bringing them in again.

Also, do look out for our next sprees which will be coming up this week and next!

To be updated on the latest news regarding JFS, follow us @JFSblogshop. XD

03 June 2010

Items have arrived!

Hi Everyone!

The wait is over and the apparels from Fashion Wear #1 and Yukata Spree #2 are here!

Details for Meet-up and postage have been emailed out. If you did not receive our email, do drop us one. =)

We're currently in the midst of packing and sorting out the stuff and we can't wait to wear our new clothes!

For all those who missed out on the spree this time round, fret not! There will be another spree coming up soon and we have also brought in instocks this time round.

A Sneak Peek for you!

The 2 most popular apparels this time round are:

Yoshimi's Choice - Floral Pullover

Fidelis' Choice - Crochet Dress

We will be doing up a page for our instocks so do check back for more information! Thanks for the support! ^__^ V

19 May 2010

We wanna hear from you!

Thank you all for your support in our
Fashion Apparels Pre-order #1 and Yukata Pre-order #2!

Our next pre-order will be opened in 3 to 4 weeks time!

In the meantime, do feedback to us what kind of clothings or even cosmetics do you like.
We'll look into it and see if we are able to provide all of you more choices of items!

You may feel free to let us know what brand of clothes you like, too, so that we'll be able to get an idea of the style you like.


Liz Lisa

Cecil McBee

We've just added a poll on our sidebar for the cosmetics brands, too!
If you have any other brands for cosmetics you like, do let us know, too!

Candy Doll


Kiss Me

Dolly Wink