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Thank you for your support all this time.

We've officially moved to Popu-Store.

Please head over there to continue your shopping!
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Japanese Fashion Street - JoXianna & Tsuriki.

10 June 2010


Hey! We hope that JFS' customers are enjoying their apparels now and it was great being able to meet-up with some of you gals!

And for the long awaited news:
We've updated our instocks page so do hop over and take a look now!

Many thanks to all who have shown interest in the apparels by emailing us. Just a note to all our customers: We will not be revealing what instocks we will be bringing in so as to be fair to all and instocks are on a first-come-first-serve basis so why wait? Copy the order form and email us now~

Do hurry as the stocks we have brought in this time round are limited and we might not be bringing them in again.

Also, do look out for our next sprees which will be coming up this week and next!

To be updated on the latest news regarding JFS, follow us @JFSblogshop. XD

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