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14 June 2010

New Apparels for Fashion Wear #2!


We have added another new denim jumper to our Fashion Wear Spree #2!

This addition is due to items that has just went OOS over at our supplier side and as usual, we wish to have as many variety for our customers to select their clothes from so we've added the Denim Ribbon Jumper just for you!

For all who has emailed regarding the pending/OOS items at our instocks page, thank you for your interest for shopping with us. If you wish to have an OOS/ pending item and would like us to have backorders for it, please leave us an comment on which of the items you would like to see in the backorder. This way, we will get to know what you want!

Another update for all. Do keep a close look at our website as we will be starting our cosmetics and yukata spree soon!

Thanks for the support!

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