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Exclusive CandyDoll Cosmetics
Pre-order - Closed!

We are now bringing you the hottest cosmetic brand's products from Japan!
It is currently used by many Popteen & Popsister models!

If you are interested, please email us your order in the format of our Order Form with your email subject "CandyDoll Order - Your name"

Limited slots only! So grab yours now!

Slot Status: 20/20

Items will arrive around 3 weeks after pre-order closes.

*All prices stated are includsive of international shipping fee.*

1. CandyDoll Mineral Powder
(Natural Beige Loose Powder) - $39

2. CandyDoll Lip Concealer - $29

3. CandyDoll Lip Gloss - $29

4. CandyDoll Blusher (Peach Pink) - $32

5. CandyDoll Blusher (Strawberry Pink) - $32

6. CandyDoll Blusher (Cream) - $32

7. CandyDoll Blusher (Orange) - $32

8. CandyDoll Blusher/Highlight (Violet) - $32


9. CandyDoll LIMITED EDITION Precious Powder
(Natural Pink Loose Powder) - $43

SOLD OUT IN JAPAN! Here's your final chance to get your very own!

10. CandyDoll LIMITED EDITION Premium Lame Glitter
(Natural Pink) - $40

11. CandyDoll LIMITED EDITION Premium Lame Glitter
(Silver) - $40

12. SPECIAL Tsubasa Mobile Strap Lip Balm - $15